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Sending email to multiple people in Apple Mail


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I have a list, of around 100 emails. I want to send the same content to each email address.


Is it possible in Apple Mail, to send an Email to multiple recipients, such that their Email address is the only item in the to: field (not using BCC: etc).



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That ^ is a nice way to distribute people's email addresses without their permission.



You should be able to write a simple script that will do that for you waldo, I expect you can send mail from the mac command line like other *nixes.

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I used to use PHPmailer. It did the job, and you could set the batch send frequency and trickle your emails out over a few hours or even days to avoid flooding.


But you can roll your own mailer in just about any scripting language with html email support and mailmerge in a couple of hours I would have thought.


If you send an email message with hundreds of people in the BCC, CC or TO fields, the mailserver may well try and send them all at once, at which point you start earning spam points when you hit the webmail services.

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The Email address in the TO field does not match the recipients' Email address.


Also, are the other Email addresses (in the BCC) encoded in the Email data somehow?

No they're not. (or shouldn't be) But the implementation of BCC is pretty variable, both on mtas and mail clients

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