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Help finding a phone case

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hi,:help: im just wondering if anyone knows were sells cases for the htc one x? ive ordered a case off ebay but that wont be here till the middle of june and i dont want to get it ruined haha, i know that there is a stall in the middle of crystal peaks, and the woman who usually stands outside the big boots on fargate, but does anyone know if either sells cases for this phone? or any other places.. if you do let me know..

thankss! :)

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ahh thankyou:) i will have a trip to crystal peaks, if that fails back to ebay it is! :lol: thanks!

& your being very stereotypical, saying that all teenagers are like that.. i actually dont sit on the back of a bus playing my music, i actually have respect for the public, but people like you make it very hard to respect anyone when you dont respect my generation. people seem to forget who raised this generation, you only have yourself to blame..

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