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Free black & white male kitten.


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PUTTING ON FOR A FREIND.. A free black & white male kitten for free to a good home. All i have been told is that she took it in to save its life from another freind; as that freinds boyfreind tried to drowned it( disguting human being) she lives in a flat and cant give it the love it needs. Even though this has nothing to do with me i would like to ad that pleasee if you are interested give this a

Good overall think if u can care for this kitten for the rest of its life. Its only a kiten and is in its 2nd home =[ .. Please email me if u can giv the kitten a good life. It comes with nothing. She hasnt even got it a litter and tray (big humf) she lives on carwood green which is just off peter street in s4 grimesthorpe/pitsmoor.

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Could you please fill in a rehoming template for the kitten (to be found in the stickies at the top of the group) in particular the age and what ever info that you can gather about him.


I hope that the poor little chap soon finds a loving and permanent home :)

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