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Hi all,


So basically I've got a Sky (Sagem) wireless router down in our lounge (where our telephone point) and it works fine. I've run a long Cat5 cable around the house to our very top (attic) room because the wireless network doesn't stretch to there and I want to use it as an office. Plugging a computer into this works fine. However from my old house I've got a Netgear WGR614 router. I want to plug this router into the cable in my top room, so that I can use the wireless network that it provides.


So I've tried doing this, by plugging the Cat5 cable into the Netgear router in one of the LAN ports and the old Wireless SSID that I had with this router has popped up. It seemed to connect ok but I'm not 100% sure because you can still sometimes get coverage from the original network downstairs. When i try to log in to the router ( it brings up the downstairs router settings - no matter what I do (by turning different things on and off) I can't seem to access the settings for the Netgear router. Apparently I have to make some changes to Subnets and turn off DHCP or something to get it configured as a Wireless Access Point for my main Wireless network.


It's all very confusing, and google hasn't really helped. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

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you will have to isolate your old router, and change the IP range it uses.... the subnet should be the same, and yes, you should turn off your new routers DHCP.... (do this by turning off Wireless on your computer, and connect to the router with the LAN cable, and make sure it's not connected to the other one, then you can access the page(s))


next you would have to set it to the correct mode, as plugging it into one of the LAN ports, won't provide wireless access, because the router it's self needs an IP address, and it won't get one of these via a LAN port... it would have to be a 'cable' modem and into the WAN port to accomplish what you wanted, unless your router supports bridge mode.


trying to use a router as a wireless access point / extender is hit and miss usually as some will work fine and support what's needed, and some wont

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