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Are these venues still free to fish?

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as per title, are theses still free to fish? :



1. Crookes valley

2. Hillsborough park

3. Wire Mill dam

4. Arbouthorne pond


planning to go tonight or tomorrow (to test my gear i didn't touch for long time:D)




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wiremill dam is nowhere near worth the fiver when places like crookes and arborthorne are still free, i used to enjoy fishing wiremill dam when i was a kid but there is much more better fisheries to fish at a £5 where your not going to be bothered by dog walkers, families cyclists etc.

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Went to wire mill for a couple of hours today, got 11 crucian carp, 5 big roach and a bream, really good fishing there, if your thinking of going a lot season tickets are £35 ( I think ) so It can work out quite cheap if you go a lot


sounds good fun for couple of hours :)


been at sheffield canal yesterday (piking) got 3 pikes (small ones around 2lb, 2lb, 5lb)



was good fun tho.

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