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Son shot in the face with bb gun

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To say i am livid is an understatement my partner and i have done the right thing yet again by calling the Police instead of taking the law into our own hands and we are let down yet again :mad:


Our lad was shot in the face deliberately by some tearaway in the park who walked up to him and shot him in the face :rant: the police took 2 days tp turn up then told us that they wouldn't be arresting the lad because of his age and because a BB gun is not classed as an offensive weapon :loopy: and that their hands are tied.



This link says otherwise i am absolutely disgusted in the attitude of the Police force which is why i have contacted the solicitors and i intend on taking it as far as i can.



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I've been shot at with a BB gun from a distance. It only hit my leg but it really hurt and left a mark and a bruise. To be shot in the face at close range must be really painful. And very dangerous. What if it'd got him in the eye? It could have done some lasting damage.

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They used to do this when I was in school, and you had to run past them or you'd get hit. I did a few times but luckily not in the face. Could have done some right damage to your poor son!


Isn't it illegal to do that happy slapping thing now? Shouldn't shooting people with BB guns be same really... It bleeding hurts anyway!!!

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Firstly, sorry to hear about the disgusting behaviour and I hope your son is okay. Before you go any further, could you clarify if this was an air pistol or plastic BB gun? Both can fire BB's but one is known as Airsoft, which fire plastic 6mm BB's, the other is an actual air weapon which is higher powered and can fire lead pellets or steel BB's.


I'm not saying it makes it okay to use a plastic BB gun on someone but you need to get your facts right about what kind of gun was used before you take legal action.


Was your son injured?

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I would assume that BB guns come under the same rules as pellet guns, in which case a number of rules have been broken.


Having it uncovered in public place, firing it in a public place, using it unsupervised (assuming kid is under 17). Surely one of those would be enough to warrant action.

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Q. Is it illegal to own a BB gun?

A. No, but only under certain, strict circumstances:

You must be 18 years old or over and be a member of a soft-air club to buy and possess a realistic BB gun.

If you are not a member of a soft-air club, but still over 18 years old, you can only purchase a non-realistic BB gun, which will be manufactured in an obscure colour (pink, yellow, etc.).

If you are under 18 years old, you can only possess a BB gun on private land.

BB guns (which fire ball bearings or plastic pellets) are often played with as toys but remember they are not toys and they can be very dangerous and, potentially, could seriously injure or kill someone.

You must remember that a BB gun is considered to be an imitation firearm, which is defined as:


"any thing which has the appearance of being a firearm whether or not it is capable of discharging any shot, bullet or missile”.

It is illegal to carry an imitation firearm in public and the consequences could be very serious. If you carry a BB gun in a public place, you are potentially risking your life if someone sees it and calls the police.

When the police arrive, they will not know for sure that it is a BB gun. Even trained police officers have great difficulty distinguishing these guns from actual firearms and have to act as if they are real.




So isn't a BB gun of any kind an imitation fire arm?

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Could you make a complaint against the police? If not take it to the Star....


Don't worry i am already on to it i have contacted Howells solicitors i am just waiting for a call back from the person i need to speak to :)

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We had an inncident last year where a man in a van pointed what my wife thought was a gun at her, this was reported to the police and they took an hour or two before coming to see my wife.


They asked several(stupid questions)like was she sure it was a gun, she responded by saying she thought it was,this goes on so I'll cut it short, we got the impression they didn't believe a word she was saying, my youngest son also said he had seen it.


4 days later with some help from me and google we managed to track down the van, belonging to a very well know company, reported this to the police and they managed to then find the driver and asked us if we wanted them to persue this, we did and eventually the guy admitted he had a toy gun in the cab, so everything my wife and kid saw was true.


It was lucky really that it wasn't a real gun. I thought they would have taken this more serious with some of the events that had taken place over the last couple of years.


All he got was a slap form his employers and a half hearted face to face appology from the guy.

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Rather than taking your wrath out on the Police force, Why not take a private prosecution against the person that shot your son in the face ?


Why does everyone blame the Police for the aftermath of an incident ? If you are upset that some one injured your son then go after their assailant rather than the Police (via legal means)


Did your son attend hospital or recieve medical treatment ? It may be better to try to prosecute for ABH or GBH if this is the case.


Don't get me wrong as a holder of a Shotgun licence I find it utterly disgraceful that some people allow their kids to roam around with "toys" that can cause damage when used incorrectly, which includes public places. But to blame the Police for your anger at another persons actions is also wrong.

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