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Large Vehicle Hire- where?

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My OH has a Class II license and we need to hire a large vehicle to move home contents 300 miles. Does anywhere hire large vehicles out? I tried Burnt Tree but they only hire the 7.5tonners out to Account Customers with own insurance. Biggest we could hire would be a Luton Van which for an entire home contents is too small. And being so long a journey, a number of trips there and back would be impossible.


Does anywhere at all hire the bigger vehicles out to a normal person with a Class II license or not?

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You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who will hire out a 7.5 ton vehicle to Joe public without insurance and an operators license anymore. T&g commercials MIGHT and youd have to pay for your insurance but even then I doubt it.


Are you sure a Luton wouldn't work ? Or even two lutons ?

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if you have no luck hiring a hgv then why not give merrills removals a call (0114 2348466) iv used them a couple of times along with many of friends, they offer a great service at decent prices.

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