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Dogs have been to the vet


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well ive had the dogs to the vets today

Ramble had her ears checked & her glands cleaned & her

yearly jabs,flea'd & wormed

Fern had her ears checked & found she has an ear infection

& had her glands cleaned & checked her Horne's syndrome in her eye checked

& was told its getting better,flea'd & wormed

Hazel had her glands cleaned ears checked found out she had got a nasty

ear infection flea'd & wormed

June had her health check she was fine apart from her eyes giving her problems

she has got to have a op on her eyes her eye lashes are going the wrong way

& in to her eye bless her plus she has an ear infection so she wasn't a happy bunny :)

Jenny is fine apart from an ear infection

& Gorge was fine not a thing wrong with him :)

so 6 dogs in the vets been seen to one after another was quite a sight

& my god it was warm the dogs was glad to get out as well i think dragged

out of the vets is the word i would use :hihi::hihi:

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