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Allotment fires??

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The Sheffield City Council Allotment Handbook offers the following guidance:




Only have a bonfire if absolutely necessary

Composting is a much better alternative for disposing of organic waste

Be considerate to your neighbours

Do not bring any materials on site to burn

Do not burn anything that could produce toxic or noxious fumes

! Always follow the essential precautions and guidance below


When To Have A Bonfire

Burning must be kept to a minimum and composting should be used wherever possible. Although bonfires can be a good way of disposing of some materials, such as diseased prunings, they can cause major problems for you, your family and friends and also for neighbours.

Smoke nuisance from bonfires generates a number of complaints to the Allotment Office each year and the Office reserves the right to ban fires on sites where there is a persistent problem. If a bonfire is necessary, we encourage tenants to burn as close to November 5th as possible, to minimise burning during the summer months and especially at weekends and Bank Holidays.



Green waste should be composted where possible. Non-green waste, such as carpet or plastic, should never be burned and disposal should be through your nearest waste management centre.

Recycle materials whenever practical.


If You Need To Have A Bonfire

Think first before burning. If you do need to have a bonfire, you

must follow the precautions and guidance below. Under no

circumstances should material be brought onto a site to be burned

- this is a breach of your tenancy.


Precautions and Guidance

• Keep the fire small and under control at all times

• Never use an accelerant to light or encourage the fire

• Never dispose of garden chemicals on a fire

• Never burn anything that could produce noxious fumes, including: household rubbish, rubber, plastic, paint, foam, carpets, aerosols, china, batteries, etc.

• Do not burn green or damp materials - they will produce excessive smoke

• Consider weather conditions/wind direction - do not light a fire if conditions are unsuitable

• Only burn if the wind is blowing smoke away from nearby houses and roads - it is an offence for smoke to obstruct a highway

• Burn later in the day - after 6pm during the summer - so that people have the chance to dry washing and enjoy their outdoor space during the daytime

• Never leave a fire unattended

• Always site the fire as far away as possible from hedges, fences and other structures.

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