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Dexter dextrous and the fingersmith @ the notty house


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Dexter dextrous and the fingermiths @ The Notty House, Sat 2nd June


Dexter Dextrous & The Fingersmiths are a six-piece funk & ska band from

Leeds who have been causing musical havoc together for four years.


We aim to bring a fierce and funkified intermingling of musical styles, served

with a healthy dose of enigmatic theatricality, that’s so far left people up

and down the country wiggling their hips and moving their lips in praise.


Funk forms the core of our collective creative spirit and, as the band has

progressed, it’s become our bread and butter; laced with a sonic weave of

reggae & ska, old-school r’n’b and dance hall swing. Certainly, there’s a

handle for anyone, and if our crowds over the years have shown us anything,

it’s that they love to dance.


We’ve played at numerous festivals, including Kendal Calling, Solfest and

Landed, so the summer circuit is always a highlight of our year, and 2012

promises to be no different. We also put on an extremely successful tendate,

thousand mile tour of the UK in July 2011, to promote our first, selftitled,

EP and a second tour in February this year to promote our new EP,

“All Talk”, which is included here for your listening pleasure. You can also

follow this link (

) to

watch our brand-spanking-new music video and see the band in action.

“Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths are a band who fully embrace both

mischief and melodrama... and have built a formidable reputation thanks to

a good debut EP and infamously chaotic live shows.”


- No-Title Magazine, Leeds, Feb 2012

“A downright funky outfit, full of true entertainers with great songs to boot.

Anyone with an ounce of rhythm in their bones will dance to every beat… So

check them out now!”


- Kendal Calling, July 2011



Links and Contacts:



Twitter: @dexterdextrous


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