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Has anyone had success claiming back bank charges?

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I had quite a few charges from a few years ago. Would be good to get them back so I can pay for a nice little holiday or something. As a "good will gesture" I will even offer the bank a reasonable proportionate fee (i.e. the actual cost of pressing a few keys on a keyboard to administer an unarranged overdraft) if they agree to pay them back.


Just wondering if anyone's been successful with their claims. Does the weepy letter work best or the "RRAAARRR OMBUDSMAN RRAAAAR COURT" approach?

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I think I read somewhere that you can only claim bank charges back now if you can prove youre in financial hardship.


Not true. My daughter sent a claim form to her bank and within a month she had received a cheque. No 25% plus vat to a middleman. The bank sorted it all out for her.

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I always gave the bank a call if I knew I'd gone overdrawn and they refunded me every time. However, I'm not sure people are so lucky now after the unfair bank charges claim was thrown out

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