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Satellite Installation

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I'm no expert but if you've got sattelite already, isn't there a twin cable which runs from your dish to the back of your box? You only need a single one for freesat (oh, unless you've got a recorder). Hmmmm.


I was going to say, just feed the second cable to the other room.

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What sky have you got? If it's sky + or HD then it's all done for you. Connect the existing cables into the freesat box and if you need a cable into another room you will just need to run another cable from the Lnb on the dish to any other box.

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Its the fitting a new Lnb with 4 outputs, cable, drilling two holes in the wall. currently the old cable goes round the front of the house. We want it round the back of the house.



Yeah that's a bit more involved. It's not too difficult if your reasonably technically minded. Quad LNBs can be bought cheaply enough on ebay and as your dish is up it won't take much aligning so should be cheap enough if you don't feel doing it yourself is an option.

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