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Angelfish for sale/swap


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Reason for Rehome / Sale - could do with room in my tank


Time Scale – How Urgent? - no rush


Sale Amount - £2.50 each - 13 for sale


Location - Worksop, S80


Approximate size now and full grown size - 1.5-2inchs, up to 6inchs full grown


Minimum fish tank size needed - 80L for a full grown pair


Any Current health problems - non


Compatibility with other fish - good comunity fish, can be aggressive when breeding


Beginners, moderate or experienced levels of fishkeeping required - any, easy fish to keep


Easy to feed - I feed once a day


Live food, dried food, frozen or fresh - any


herbivore/omnivore/carnivore - omnivore


Destructive Behaviour - non


Temperature range - 25-28c


Tropical,Coldwater,Marine or Brackish water required - tropical


General information that you can share - Bred these fish myself I own their parents, could do with the extra room in my tank and don't have another tank for them to go in at the moment otherwise I would keep them.


The angelfish that are for sale are in this video


If you have any other questions just ask.

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Where abouts is S80. Would be interested in a couple of ur angel fish if its not too far. I live at S5 but dont drive.






just looked on google maps and you're about 30 minutes away, S80 isn't actually in sheffield, its Worksop, about 20 minutes from sheffield

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