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Warning - Water Butts & Pets

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If you or your neighbours have a water butt - please could you ensure that the hinged lid cannot collaspe inwards?


My cat went missing & I followed her pitiful meowing to a neighbours water butt.


The weight of the water had distorted the hinged lid so that when she'd jumped on it, it collasped inwards & she ended up in the water & couldn't get out as the sides are too smooth.


Luckily the neigbours had used most of the water but it was deep enough to nearly cover her. I dread to think of the consquences if it had rained recently.


My water butt lid is the kind that has a hinged lid & I could see this problem occuring - so I covered it securely years ago.


Please check your water butts.


Could someone brave please post this warning on the gardening forum?


Thank you



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Just to add - the water butt with the hinged lid is the most dangerous design for animals.


The weight of the water (especially after its frozen) distorts the shape of the water butt - then the lid just falls inwards - along with any animal sat on top.


A small protruding peg on the lid would alleviate this problem.


I will contact the manufacturers of these water saving devices with my views - its not only cats that have been drowned but chickens too.


Please, please make your water butts and barrels safe.



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