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Finding a suitable Cycling Club

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I'm thinking about joining a cycling club. I've had a look at Sheffrec and Rutland. Rutland looks pretty serious, and Sheffrec meet at Malin Bridge, both of which have put me off. I live in Woodseats, so would ideally prefer not to have to travel through town to meet. Also, I have a hybrid at present, so I imagine a more serious club might have issue with that. I don't have experience cycling in groups, but would like to give it a go to help motivate me to become a stronger cyclist. At present, I tend to average about 16mph over a 50-60 mile relatively hilly solo run. Anyone have any recommendations for clubs that might be worth checking out? Thanks in advance.

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Don't be put off Sheffrec by the Malin Bridge meeting point. 1st Sunday of each month they meet on The Wicker, and most rides finish coming in from the Peaks, giving easy access to the south west of Sheffield. Sounds like you're fairly fit and used to riding some distance, and the type of bike doesn't matter, as long as you can ride it.

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