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Shop on Langsett road robbed again?

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Such a shame if it's another robbery. I drove past the other day and saw around 5 or 6 kids on bikes around his door, maybe they were waiting for a friend or maybe just deterring paying customers getting in his door.


If it is another crime on the shop I would be questioning how long he can put up with it, I know no one should be forced out of what they enjoy doing but it must be terrible hearing the shop door go every time.

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Just been past the newsagents on Langsett where they have all the trouble and are always getting robbed or attacked. I believe the father of the owner died in some trouble with youths and the owner has been stabbed before.


There are several police cars attending and police coming in and out of the shop, a big bag which looks like forensics on the floor outside.


Does anybody know what has happened? Poor sods, hope nothing serious has happened and nobody is hurt.

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