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Sheffield Women's weekend retreat

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Calling all nature-loving women who want some time for themselves. It’s time for you!


It’s time for sisterhood, for resting, for bodies, hearts and souls to stretch, dance and tend to themselves and each other. It’s time for reverence, for sharing, for reveling and for listening; time for fresh air, for Mother Nature, for honesty and honouring.


This retreat will be a fully experiential weekend combining yoga, dance, embodied listening, film, EFT and meditation. We will take an explorative journey through the TreeSisters Map of five choices and address some of the shadows that limit us. Come prepared to journey deep inside, to discover, to allow and to love. Your facilitators are Clare Dakin, Bernadette Ryder, Sophie Jane Mortimer and Frances Goodall. There are 26 places available.


Where: Unstone Grange, Derbyshire

When: Friday 6th July, 6pm – Sunday 8th July, 6pm

Costs: £190/£170/£150 (sliding scale – you choose what you can afford according to your income) A proportion of your fee will plant trees through Project Greenhands in Southern India.

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