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MISSING: Ginger and white cat (1 year old) Wisewood


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Our cat has been missing since Saturday morning - he is one year old, dark ginger and light ginger striped across his chest, ginger and white head, white stomach and legs.


He first went missing on Thursday 24th May. I found him curled up on our next door neighbours garden the next day (Friday) but when I approached him he was very scared of me. I picked him up only for him to let out a very loud noise and battle with me until I let him go. He then ran of but returned home later that night. He returned home with his collar missing and he seemed petrified. He curled up apparently hiding under the kitchen table. Before I went to work Saturday morning he did let me hold him, but he tucked his head under my arm and his ears were down. When I put him back down he went and hid again. I went to work and when I returned my husband told me that our youngest daughter had opened the back door forgetting that we were trying to keep him in and he bolted straight out. He has not been seen since.


He had no apparent injuries and was eating and drinking when last in the house.


If anybody has seen him please send me a pm. Please check your gardens, under bushes, sheds etc......


Our daughter is devastated that he has not come back.


I have no idea what has spooked him - ive never seen a cat behave this way (well saying that, I have seen wild cats behave that way, but not domesticated cats).

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