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SatNav or Phone with navigation..


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I had a SatNav which I found really helpful because I'm a girl and I'm useless at reading maps, but the one I got (some RAC model that cost £80 from Argos) had to be replaced 3 times, and when the 4th one they gave me stopped working I asked for my money back.


So I would like to buy a new one, and I'd probably go for one of the mid range (£100 - £150) TomToms that seem to have good reviews on The Gadget Show's website.


But I could also do with a new phone as mine is starting to show faults. Can't blame it really I've had it over 4 years and it's been very reliable (Nokia N95 8GB). I'm currently on the simplest tariff and pay just £10 a month to receive loads of free texts and minutes that I hardly use.


I've seen a deal for £21.50 for a Nokia Lumia 800 that includes the usual texts and minutes, but also includes 500mb of data usage, and the phone itself has "voice guided navigation."


I know my current phone has some kind of maps thingy, but I've never used it as I don't want to connect to the internet on my current tarrif and risk a massive bill.


So I looking for some advice on the following points:


Does anyone have the Lumia 800 and is the navigation thing the same as a SatNav?


Does it need to be connected to the internet whilst it's navigating and does that use a lot of the data allowance?


Should I just stick with my current cheap tarrif and slow but functioning handset and spend my money on a TomTom instead? I'm not one of these types who's permanatly got their phone glued to their hand and I don't want to waste my money on tech I don't need (and to be honest wouldn't have much of an idea how to use).


Thoughts and advice would be appreciated :)

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If you don't want to use your data allowance on a phone, I'd recommend investing in probably a cheap entry level Tom Tom, there'll be a load on eBay probably, or just go to Halfords.

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The Nokia Drive app on the Lumia downloads maps when you ask for them, so set it to download the UK maps while it's connected to your home wifi, and it will be able to navigate without using your data connection.


(The England maps are currently 164MB, so depending on your data tariff, you can probably be able to afford that anyway)

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I'd go for a dedicated satnav, I have tried my phone a few times and never had much joy (screen hard to see in sun, too quiet, other apps on the phone disrupting its instructions).


I been meaning to buy a tomtom but only need to use a satnav every few months so I have been putting off buying one and borrowing one instead, that is also the beauty of a dedicated satnav you can lend them to friends if needed something youj wouldnt want to do with your mobile.

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Phone every time for me. Google navigation updates itself so it's up to date, and the updates are free. My folks bought a tom-tom (I think) and keep updating it every year, at a ridiculous cost.


I have unlimited data on my phone anyway, so whether it costs extra or not I don't know.

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