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Gleadless Road Co Op - Npower Keys?

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My electric keys busted, so I just rang Npower for a new one, and they said I can pick one up from the Co Op on Gleadless Road after 4.30pm.


That was all well and good until I just realised there are 2 Co Ops, Heeley, and Newfield Green - Anyone know which of the 2 it is that stocks the keys? I know they're quite close, but the route I'll be walking down there is quite different depending which one it is! Don't want to ring them back and queue again if I can help it :hihi:

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I didn't have to bother in the end, OH was taking dog out, so I told him to walk through woods to Newfield Green, and if it wasn't there drop down to Heeley green and back up the dreaded hill, I hope they have fun! :hihi:


Could be the co-op at White lane, Gleadless town end, then it will be a walk

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OH didn't bother to go, he said hes gonna walk down tomorrow :| Good job we got some electric on (after 16 attempts in the Co Op on Derbyshire lane earlier :hihi: )


They said on the phone there are 2 I can use, one at Jordanthorpe, and one on Gleadless Road, and thats it :(

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