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Conception advice after being on the pill please!

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I really need some advice on how people have been after coming off the pill, I have been taking been taking cerezette for the last 3 years and now plan to stop and try for a baby.

Please tell me how long it takes for periods to get back to normal and what to expect re ease of conception .

I just want anyone else's experiences, so that I have some idea what to expect when I stop taking them.


Thank you :).

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It depends on each person, everyone is different. I've known people stop taking it and fall pregnant a few weeks later. But I came off the pill in July 2010 and didn't fall pregnant until January 2012! Good luck xx

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my last pill was on the 31st march had my free period break and i got pregnant straight away after coming of the pill every body is different some people wait until their periods come back to normal before trying for a baby and some people are lucky to become pregnant straight after coming off the pill good luck and hope your pregnancy goes well when you become pregnant

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