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Sadness as students pull out of lease on Fox & Duck pub in Broomhill

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This is a shame as the Fox & Duck is actually quite a nice pub.




Sheffield University Students’ Union is calling time after a quarter of a century on its lease of The Fox and Duck pub, in Broomhill.


The decision has been made due to fewer students living in the suburb, plus more people drinking at home due to cheaper supermarket booze.


Now the pub’s owner, Enterprise Inns, is preparing to advertise for a new tenant.


Residents and businesses in Broomhill called for the venue to remain a traditional pub.

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They have been trying to negotiate with Enterprise for a while now but they are just not interested. Enterprise are more than happy to try and screw them over, and if not them, the next poor people they get in to run if for 6 months until they hike the prices up so much they leave.


Enterprise Inns are a disgrace, they should be taken over and the current owners forced to run a pub under the conditions they have been preceding over. See how they like it.

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I guessed that this would be Enterprise. I didn't even have to read the flipping thread - I just knew. They don't seem to have a clue really.


They don't have a clue about running pubs but they know all about selling property.

I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.


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'The decision has been made due to fewer students living in the suburb'


What a bad excuse! Broomhill and Crookes is absolutely chocker full of students!


The Uni really should say that the decision has been made due to Enterprise Inns being a bunch of robbing gits who are intent on destroying the few remaining drinking establishments in the UK.

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Maybe Thornbridge could take it over.




I know you're probably trolling, but they'd better not. They'd also have serious competition with the York nearby, who actually sell ales at reasonable prices.


I can also see them alienating the locals who currently go in there.


Having said that, perhaps it is preferable to Enterprise's usual policy in this situation, which seems to be install a series of temporary managers/tenants who don't care, and run the pub into the ground?


Or perhaps the Sheaf/Blake guys could take it on?

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