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Syrian Massacre

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William Hague is said to be anoyed about this, how very British.


Bomb the ******** into submission to stop more innocents getting mudered.


We seem to do it to most other country's


cannot bomb them....not profitable...

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We (Western Powers) unfortunately will never be in the right on this issue. If we come to the aid of these people with a military intervention, the world's Muslims and our own left wing would be up in arms about more "Western interference" and "imperialism".


If we allow it to continue, those same people criticise our inaction as more innocent lives are lost.

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Russia have special forces in Syria training the Syrians to use the weapons they sell them.I`m sure the Russians would be none too pleased if there own troops starting getting bombed by America.


"Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly previously said that Russian military and technical personnel were present Syrian and said his country will abide by existing contracts to deliver weapons to Syria despite Assad’s yearlong crackdown on the opposition.


Antonov said Russia’s supply of weapons to Syria is in line with international law and will continue. “Russian-Syrian military cooperation is perfectly legitimate,” he said.


“The only thing that worries us today is the security of our citizens,” Antonov said in a reference to Russian military personnel in Syria that are training the Syrians in the use of weapons supplied by Russia.


He declined to say how many of them are currently stationed in Syria."

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i am not convinced that the government even did this. We are being manipulated by the media in what we hear. A large number in syria love the regime, what kind of idiot leader would do this. He is a well educated man. I may be wrong but i am not convinced, looks more like terrorists to me. Do people really believe soldiers who may have families there would do this. If it was out of site out of mind i.e tanks or bombs maybe plausible but bullets to the head no way

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