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Can anyone suggest a good online survey site?

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I've been unemployed for a month now - made redundant twice in six months - and was wondering if anyone could suggest any online survey sites that are honest and can be trusted to actually pay you. What can I say, I need a way to make some money!

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You really have to do loads of surveys to make even £10. It took about 3 months with My Survey.


You could try becoming a mystery shopper and reporting on service in shops, there's a good thread on the money saving expert forum. Or just google mystery shopping, dont work for any companies that charge you to sign up though!

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My Survey as Matthewluck said are good. Also try: valuedopionions.co.uk and honestrewardspanel.co.uk. I think these are the correct addresses, if not just Google them and it will come up with them for you.


My Survey and Valued Opinions give you vouchers (codes sent by email in multiples of £10), it is easy enough to get a payment every couple of months. Honest Rewards Panel credit your PayPal account when you have at least £15, their surveys seem to pay a bit more so again every couple of months. Surveys from all are usually between 5-20 minutes long.


You do not make loads of money, but it's enough to get a birthday present for someone or simply treat yourself!

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