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Attractions - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England?

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This is more a South Yorkshire or England request, than strictly Sheffield, but I'd appreciate any suggestions. I have the 'in-laws' visiting in June, from abroad, for a couple of weeks. I have been doing research into what I will show them while they're here... things like Chatsworth are in there as a day trip, things in and around Sheffield (Winter Gardens, Crucible and other attractions) will probably take up a day, we'll have a trip out to the coast, maybe Filey, Scarborough or Bridlington... but... what great things would folk suggest should be given some attention to? They're not spring chickens, but I'm thinking of a walk around somewhere like Edale... maybe visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park, or out to Castleton. I would be glad of other suggestions and your recommendation (hopefully from visiting yourself).


BTW, we have no kids with us, so suggestions of any pretty much type are in scope, I reckon. Also, it's the first time they've been over here. Anything that is "typical English" would be a boon, I guess.


P.S. - I have been doing my own research, so I have a long list of possibles. I am hoping for some recommendations from folk on here - something that's a quality day out, local or further afield. Thank you in advance to all those who take the time to read this and provide a thoughtful response.


Yes, I [sadly] may also end up with them around London at some point.

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Conisbrough Castle followed by Roche Abbey is a nice South Yorkshire day out with a historical twist.


There's also the gardens at Wentworth Castle near Stainborough (not the easiest place to find - get to the Rotherham side of junction 36, then take the first left on the way to Birdwell).


Bradfield and Damflask is a good day out if the weather is nice.

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you will need a bank loan if you go to chatsworth very expensive egg and cress sandwich £3,50 glass of wine £4,50 take yourown pik nik monsaldale head hotel is nice with great views over the wye valley was there yesterday very nice to visit

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