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FUN ME FIT have tried to create a free online rescource for parents to find active/fun and interesting things to do with their children.


Some activities are just for the parents too! We all need a little time to ourselves no matter how much we love our children.


You can find what groups we have here, there's lot's of activities and fun to be had - you can even set up your own group to use as a way to keep in touch with your own members/friends: http://www.funmefit.com/groups


I've just posted this new forum topic about all things related to kids and being a parent - it's free to join in discussions etc and share your stories. http://www.funmefit.com/forum/for-pa...l-things-kids/


You can also view there members - they include other parents, charities, sports clubs/groups, community groups and some interesting and wonderful people. You can view the current members here: http://www.funmefit.com/members


They are trying to get more people in our community active and having fun. We need more members so that they can continue our work.


It's totally FREE to join and you can sign up as an individual, a group, an organisation or a family. Go here to join and make friends, share your stories, your activities and your topics: http://www.funmefit.com/register/

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