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Our oscar is for sale, 15month old american bulldog male

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Hi we have a american bull dog for sale,

he is called Oscar and is white with a brown patch on his tail


Reason for Sale - he is very lively and too strong and very boistrous


Time Scale – How Urgent? as soon as someone is willing to buy him


Sale Amount - £100 is what we paid


Has the Dog been in Rescue - not to our knowledge


Location - s70 5bn barnsley


Age & Sex he is approximately 15months old and male


Breed/ Mix - American Bull Dog


KC Registered - we were not told and do not have any papers for Oscar


Approximate size - large for his age


Exercise Needed - at least hour a day


Neutered & Micro chipped - we were not told


Vaccinated & Wormed - we were not told from his ex owner


Live in / out - he lives in with us


Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - we are not sure


Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - not to our knowledge


Temperament - he is loving and happy, but he gets too boistrous and giddy


Good or Bad with Children - i believe his ex owner had children, he did not say much about it


Dislike of Men or Women - he is wary of men and is protective of anyone he gets to know


OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - we are unsure on this


Travel OK in Car - i believe he does not mind cars as he was brought to us in a car


Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - 2 hours max


Destructive Behaviour - yes he likes 2 litre and normal size plastic pop bottles he will recycle them for you lol


Barks - yes

Pull on the lead - yes definately and very strong

Crate trained - not sure what it means and hes not been in one with us he has a basket or dog bed

Housetrained - we believe so



generally he is a happy dog likes to be fussed all the time, he gets jealous of people kissing lol... not heard of that ever happening but who knows......


he is a beautiful dog and fun loving he needs to be with someone who can handle his size better than us and can really love him to bits as we do still



unfortunately we have tried all sorts with Oscar and he is getting too strong and too boistrous, we would like him to goto a new home yes he is for sale, and we regret it because we bought the dog to love him, but my wife is in difficultys and not well, and now i am getting kinda unwell myself..


we are looking for £100 and will not take no less than £50 for him, he has his own basket and bowls and lead and collar for him, if anyone is interested please pm me with your email and i will send you proper pictures of him and not like the fake one i was sent of him...


you will have to collect him as we do not have transport

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