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Angling Trust bailiffs.

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Don't ask me, I'd be pleased just to see some effort being made even if the respect they get is on a par with the police volunteers.

Cos when alls said & done they're only there for show. But anything is better than leaving folk to police themselves.

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fished at hayfields on saturday and the bailiffs did the entire complex, i was probably about 2/3rds of the way through and when i asked if he had caught any, he said 7 so far at this complex so it looks like some people are going to be getting rather large fines in the next few days.


p.s all our lads were good boys :-)

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yorkshire water used to publish a free mag called 'catch'. as well as showing the work they were doing on stocking rivers etc, it also featured a list of people caught fishing without a licence, illegal netting and poaching. i used to scrutinise this list to see if i knew any of the offenders.

perhaps one of the angling papers could have a 'list of shame'?

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According to another angling forum a local paper printed figures of anglers checked last year, don't know if they were named though. Of 679 anglers reported for offences only 450 or so were prosecuted.

My numbers may well be a little off & it didn't say that all those reported were without licences.

This was in Yorkshire from Sheffield to Thirsk

I agree Charlie they should be named.

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