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Worries about a car on HP

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I have a car on HP and some things are troubling me.

The colour for one, its a different one to whats on the documents (mot etc) and on one of the mot's its a different colour to all the rest.

Its also had a plate change in its life time which on its own wouldn't worry me but now ive noticed the wrong information on the mot im a little worried something might be amiss

Rang the DVLA who seem to think its ok and it was probably just a mistake but im not convinced as its had a few owners and i find it hard to believe that none of them would have picked this error up and im the first.

Im now worried ive got a dodgy car but dont know how to go about finding out.

Can anyone help?

What should i do first?

Thanks :)

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What sort of discrepancy in the colours are we talking about? There can be some truly horrendous differences in the colour listed on the V5 that are entirely legitimate.


Re. The plate transfer - do an HPI check on the car - if the details match the V5 then it's fine.

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The discrepancy on the V5 is it says its Green/Blue but the real colour is silver :confused:

Ive looked into the reg thing and having found some documentation it seems its all legit. The reg that preceded the current one looks like a personal plate so im not concerned about that now :)

Still worried about the colour though.

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The problem with silver cars is that they aren't silver these days. Toyota used to do a colour called Ice Blue. It was silver, but depending how the car was registered initially by the dealer could forever after mean it was registered as blue - after all, that's what the colour code says. You get the same thing with gold colours. I wouldn't worry.


If you look in the engine comparment there will be a plate that says what the manufacturer's colour code is. Check it out on t'interweb and see what it looks like.


Also look around the inside of the bonnet to see if one colour of paint finishes and another one begins, or whether the paint on any of the door panels has a mottled effect, like orange peel. These are signs of a respray.

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