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Caravan and campsite in Sheffield

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I'm really sorry, no not at the moment, we are just in the process of putting it in.


Perhaps you need to make that clear on your website then?



We are a small 1 acre gently sloping campsite offering peace and tranquility to five caravans or motorhomes with space to accommodate visitors bringing tents. Currently we offer six electric hook-up points, normal fresh water and elsan disposal points, rubbish bins and re-cycle points.

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Thank you for your unnecessary comment Allen, but until you have full details of why the thread stated we have six electric hook-up points and why now I say we are in the process of putting it in then may I suggest you keep your comments to yourself.

Thank you

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The thread doesn't say you have six electric hookups....your website does.

I don't see how pointing out your inaccuracy is unnecessary.

As someone who uses campsites all around the country it's important to me that websites give accurate information.

I'm shortly to make the 8 hour drive to Northumberland and need a campsite about half way.

Your site (with hook up) fitted the bill....or so I thought.


One last comment....if you are serious about building this business you need to take some lessons in public relations.

Telling potential customers to keep their comments to themselves does nothing to encourage visitors to your site. A simple explanation of the misleading information is all that was required.

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Allen, I do not wish to get in to 'tit for tat' correspondence with you. However to reiterate, at the time the web page went live the information was accurate (as I stated to you). Had you phoned to make a potential booking you would have been told about the new electrics going in to the site.


One last comment ,,,,,,,,, our business is building with returning weekend customers and new, we are polite, helpful owners and are very recrptive to constructive comments, however comments such as yours are potentially harming to our business and I'm sure were the boot on the other foot then you would feel the same.


Should you wish to visit our site you would be made very welcome and we would also try our hardest to accommodate your electric needs (as we have for other visitors).

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