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Pubs getting rid of pool tables..

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In the last 5 years I have seen pubs getting a refurbishment / new ownership / totally new pub change, and they are getting rid of pool tables! This is a list of pubs that no longer have a pool table in (there's probably many more these are just the ones that I have noticed).. Varsity on West Street, Harley Glossop Road, Nursery Tavern Ecclesall Road, The Ecclesall Ecclesall Road (used to be The Pomona) Flynns on Trippet Lane (used to be Grapes) Psalter Tavern on Psalter Lane, West End Pub Glossop Road, Rawson Spring Hillsborough (used to be The Deep End) I have also heard that The Ball at Crookes have got rid of their pool tables. Anyone know any other pubs that have got rid of pool tables? At this rate in 20 years I reckon a pub that has a pool table could be very rare.

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The Sportsman in Stannington got rid of theirs years ago, because the local idiots kept using the cues to chase each other round the table and hit each other over the noggin! :loopy::rant:

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The Gypsy Queen put in a pool table when it was refurbished as a "sports pub" a little while ago. Its taken up what was a very nice room where people could sit comfortably on settees and comfy chairs and have a nice drink. Now you have high tables and stools around the pool table and people poking you with their pool cues and knocking drinks over because the room is just too small. It just doesn`t work

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