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Shoe repairs - eyelets

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I was hoping someone might be able to help me, I need to get some eyelets on some leather boots replaced. The eyelets are plastic and have snapped, leaving a sharp edge that is tearing the laces.


I went to Peters in the city centre who told me they don't have the eyelet tools to do it. Timpsons do, but they didn't have any large enough (needs to be about 12mm diameter), and said they could send them off to their place in Manchester but there was still no guarantee they'd be able to do them there.


I'm not sure where else to try, any ideas? I have thought about buying a kit to do it myself but would rather give it to someone who (hopefully) knows what they're doing!



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It isn't easy to find somebody who does eyelets in the first place, let alone ones so big :(


I last had eyelets done in Peterborough market - but that's probably a bit far for you


The kits are pretty easy though - just don't do it on your dining table ;)

I've had jeans buttons and press studs from the company that do the eyelets, and they come out really well so long as you line them all up right before you start

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Thanks, I'll look into the kits again, try and find some nice strong ones. Any suggestions considered, I can always phone them and check if they're a bit further away. Thanks!
If you can't get ones the right size in Dunelm Mill or John Lewis, Go Outdoors (CCC) do them in larger sizes for tent repairs
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