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Gmail attaching ads to emails


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I'm getting a bit fed up with Yahoo Mail because it's gone haywire and they can't seem to suggest a fix (I use POP3 and Outlook 2010) so I'm considering a new email address & service. I generally don't like Google's scanning of users' activity and I've read that Gmail scans emails and attaches ads to them - does anyone know if these ads are pulled through when downloaded to Outlook 2010?



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Yahoo Mail is crap anyway, and if you don't use it within 90 days it cancels your account, I've had loads for that reason cos I never checked them as I only use them as spam catchers and to sign up to forums.

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Zoho Mail doesn't have ads AFAIK. I haven't noticed any although I do use ******* Plus in Firefox.

Not sure about GMX but might be worth taking a look.

You could always purchase a domain name and get it hosted - not too expensive and you have privacy and security.

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Gmail does not attach anything to your email.


if you read your mail online there will be adds on the page but thats all.


if you rean them with outlook or any other mail reader with either pop or imap then there will be no sign of an advert anywhere

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