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Positioning of speakers

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Hello. We are in the process of having the room plastered and decorated, and I have taken down the brackets which held speakers connected to the DVD player. I don't really want to put them back up, and would prefer to put them on the unit which holds the TV etc. There is a little shelf, one on either side of the unit, which are perfect for the size of the speakers.


Trouble is, my OH says the speakers shouldn't be on a wooden shelf, but should be suspended on brackets, at a height, rather than almost on the floor.


I say it won't make that much difference, especially as we dont use them much, only for the occasional DVD. When he listens to CD's through the DVD player, he uses the headphones.


Can I have your thoughts please?

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if you want the best cinema experience then they sould be spaced out at each side of the room on stands or wall brackets as it will balance the sound out equal for the best experience.


but if your one of those where sound is just sound to you then just stick them on the tv unit.


just that if you stick them on stands and put them at a fair distance at each side of the room, it fills the room better where as if they are on the tv unit then they are just blasting sound straight at you.

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If its for surround sounds tv, the rear speakers should be just above ear level on a bracket, or on a tall floor stand with spiked feet...


The front ones should be slightly higher, however angled down slightly, the same applies with regards to brackets or stands...

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