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Environment Agency 3rd Stage Interview2012

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I have reached 3rd stage interview for a Customer Service Advisor with the Environment Agency. There will be an interview and role play. Does anyone have any information regarding this interview? I really need a job badly as have been out of work for almost a year. I need to prepare as much as possible for this interview so anyone who could give me any info re: questions asked or role play subject I would be very grateful.


Many thanks to you.

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I can't help with specifics but for both interview and role play, it's likely they are going to be looking for you demonstrating the skills you need in the job. This will be a combination of knowledge of the subject area and other more generic skills.


Depending on your knowledge of the types of work you will be doing, you may need to brush up on it. However, if it isn't your specialism, focus on shining in other areas i.e. show them that you have the ability to pick it up and do the job well.


I would go through the job information you have been sent and think about the types of situations you may experience in that role. E.g. difficult customers, achieving resolutions to tricky problems, hitting SLAs during busy periods and so on. From that you can probably envisage that the answers they are looking will be to demonstrate that you can handle those kinds of situations. Also, that you have the right skills e.g. communication, team working, working to targets, customer service. It won't be enough to just say you have these skills, you need to give examples of when you have used them. Also, employers are normally looking to see that you are a continuous improver/learner so evidence on how you have reflected on things and come up with ways to do them better is always good.


Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Thanks for everyone's input so far. Much appreciated. However, if anyone has been through the interview process or knows someone who has and can be more specific I would be very grateful for any info. I just want to make sure I focus on what is most important to the Environment Agency rather than general skills.


Thank you.

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