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Petrol now £1.20 a litre.. Good man Dave!

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Ha! Horlicks. No connection with the two. Thank the tanker drivers who reached an agreement as good trade unionists do. Happens all the time. Just doesn't get credit.


Dave had nothing to do with it.


It has nothing to do with the tanker drivers.


How can tanker drivers doing there job have anything to do with the price reduction?

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Oil is cheaper in a recession as no demand. So petrol is gonna be cheaper.


So well done for the recession and cheap petrol Dave.


No demand?


How is that then, it wasn't long ago when the stations were empty due to idiots panic buying?

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I wouldn't know if £1.20 a litre was good or bad. I've given up price watching. I just put a certain amount of cash value of petrol in my car, and when I need some more, I do it again. However many miles that equates to. If I think back to my youth when petrol was 35p per gallon. (not sure how much that equates to per litre....I'm sure some helpful soul will oblige with the conversion) it makes me angry paying what we do now. So I avoid the stress of checking!


I did the calculation myself and:


If petrol was still 35p per gallon....That would equate to 'nearly' 8p per litre. Makes you think eh?

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Well done Dave, you must be doing something right for petrol to come down in price so much since you took over. :thumbsup:


I wouldn't get too excited it will soon be going back up again.


And as others have said, Cameron has nothing to do with it.

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