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Should I be worried about SurveyMonkey? Is it a scam?


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When I have the time I have all manner of hobbies and one is art


Yesterday I got an email from fineartsurvey@gmail.com to fill in a survey about my online art shopping habits


It came when I had a few minutes, so I did the survey and added my home address at the end for the "free gift"


Then it occured to me my email address and home address just got entered on a website. The website didnt really tell me much about "them" and I am wondering if having those two bits of data would really be helpful to someone with malicious intent


any thoughts?

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the invite email came from the Gmail but the link in email went to a survey at the survey monkey website


both easy to create anonymously I know. Cant believe I did this as I really should know better ?!

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Survey Monkey is a reputable site, though anyone can use it to create a survey. So the real question is who sent the email and what do they intend to do with your info.


Reputable companies and organisations tend not to use Gmail email addresses - though if you have only given your email and home address, the worst you can expect is to have spam in your inbox and junk mail through your door - how ever if the survey asked any other personal questions, such as your name, any accounts you hold, where you shop (and therefore where you might have online store accounts) etc etc can all be used in a malicious way to fleece you.


If you think this, change all your passwords, change your security questions, close accounts etc.

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Survey Monkey have been great - I got in touch and within about an hour they had explained what was going on and who was behind things. Apparently there is a large art manufacturer/distributor running the survey


So why the invite came from a Gmail account I am not really sure. My only thought is the company wanted to do this anonymously (or on the cheap) which is why it might be unhelpful to share their name


My email account was the one I mostly use for silly stuff like this (so it gets plently of spam already) but I am normally sensible enough not to give personal info out . . .


anyhow, crisis averted and lesson learnt

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