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Owls in for Mcdonald


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Quite a large fee for someone only really proven at League 2 level (with Gillingham) - just 4 from 23 in the Championship for relegated Cov.


Only 26 though, so perhaps the chance of resale value later if he does well at S6?


After all this time with free signings and loans though, to be offering amounts like that must be a welcome change (as long as they keep an eye on the wages).


I wonder if Jones is wary of looking for a 'big name' (at that level at least) as it may upset the dressing room (as it did with us when Lee Hendrie joined) - the current squad seem to be all in it together and the spirit is good, so any new signings need to be able to fit into that... which may be why this deal is likely, as Cody McDonald is not exactly well known or a billy-bigtime.

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Rumours circulating that wednesday have had a £750,000 bid accepted by coventry for cody mcdonald. havent seen much of him myself. if these are true worth the price?


if true i hope he's kept some cash aside for antonio. seems a gamble for a player not really done much so far in the championship. what position is he?

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