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Injured but mobile raven/crow in garden

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Hi, we have an injured crow/raven type in a tree that overhangs our garden. He hops around this tree but never flies off. Looking through binoculars at his wings he seems severely injured, and cannot fly. He seems content sitting in the tree (an apple tree) for the moment, and he seems plump-ish, but his condition will obviously deteriorate, especially with the hot weather.


He may have been caught by a cat, or hit by a car, but he has sat there and moved around this tree for the past few days.


What should we do? Let nature take its course? Who can we contact to rescue this bird? We cant catch it cause its still mobile and very much alive.

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If you want advice greenfly125, call Thornberry Animal Sanctuary tomorrow morning after 11am on 01909 564399, and ask for wild bird rescue numbers - we have telephone numbers of 2 people anyone can call on, so ask for them. Hopefully, they will be able to give you the info and help this bird needs.

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If you catch it may i suggest taking it to your vets. We took an injured pigeon to our vet sometime ago. They were happy to treat it. Sadly the pigeon didn't make it but i was pleased our vets took care of it and of course gave it pain relief. We didn't pay for the little ones treatment.


Good Luck and well done for caring.

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