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Dell inspiron 1564 keeps turning itself off

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My name is Amit and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.


To resolve the issue you need to download the latest BIOS version from the following link: //dell.to/sCpz1d

You can clean the air vents using compressed air cane as sometimes due to dust, fan does not function properly and that may lead to overheating and force system shut down.

Please run Dell In-Build Diagnostics (Pre Boot System Assessment) to check the hardware functionality of the system. In order to know the steps to run the diagnostics follow the steps below:

Computer should be off.

Press and hold the Fn key and then press the power button.

Leave the power button once system turned and leave the Fn key once you

See the blue screen with the message Pre Boot System Assessment, if you get any error

Message/code please make note of that error code and call Dell Technical support at: 1800-624-9896.


Thanks and Regards,

Dell-Amit B

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Thanks for the confirmation, however I would like to know, have you got any error message or code when you ran the test? Or the test completely passed? I advise to run full scan by PCDr (Pc Doctor-Dell support Center 3.0). To download PCDr please visit: http://dell.to/dgukl0

If you get any error message please make note of that code and contact Dell Technical Support at 1800-624-9896.


You can also check the system in BIOS, if there is any hardware issue or not.



Keep tapping F2 key on the Dell logo while system is booting.

Leave the system in BIOS screen for some time, and check if system shuts

down in BIOS, If the system shuts down in BIOS as well then it’s a

hardware issue where you would need to get the thermal pad, heat sink

assembly and the cooling fan replaced. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

If system does not shut down in BIOS screen then it’s a windows issue

which needs to be further diagnosed.




Thanks and Regards,

Dell-Amit B

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