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Urgent, cat carrier needed parson cross tomorrow morning*sorted*


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Mum cat has given birth in a garden on Adlington Road to four kittens. Her owners have abandoned her and the new house owner has willingly agreed to take them to Millhouse Sanctuary tomorrow afternoon.

But he has no cat carrier.

Has anyone got one that could be delivered and left at the back of his house tomorrow morning please, on loan? I am not at home tomorrow or I could do it.


The cat and kits are in danger, there are two Rotties live next door!


Thank you.

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If you'd like to email me the details then I can run a basket up for him or I could run up the kittens for you too if you prefer. I've got a basket which is big enough for a mum and a litter of about 20 babies :)


Not sure how I'd get it back though- maybe we can work on that.

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Oh Medusa, that would be terrific. His name is Paul and he's quite willing to take mum and kits up to Mill House and he could bring the carrier back with him, and then bring back to you? He says he'll be catching them just after noon when Jane Hartley returns to the sanctuary. Is it ok if I text you Paul's number?

That's so good of you, thanks so much.

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