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Relatives that can't text or email?

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I love my older relatives (not necessarily non-compus mentis but just not into smartphones and the net!), but isn't it frustrating that, in the habit of modern living, you can't just text or email some of them without the long telephone conversation or visit etc?


I do do the visits and calls, but going back a short while into recent history is a complete a***ache?

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My parents were like this a couple of years ago before i moved abroad for a while.I have taught them to use a computer,use skype,email, browse the internet etc.I have got my mother a tablet as well now and just try getting them off a computer now.


A lot of their generation (70`s) are scared they won`t be able to use a computer until someone has the patience to show them its not a hard thing to do.My mother in particular was scared she would break it by pressing a wrong button until i explained the only way you are going to break it is with a hammer or drop a drink on it.


Now she plays 20 games at a time on words with friends and the only thing that I can`t instill into her brain is the "home" button on firefox.She calls it the dog kennel.She has a point I guess....

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Aren't we all scared of new technology? Three things I remember about my Dad:

We got our first TV with a remote control in the 70s. He actually hid the damned thing because he thought that our constant flicking through the channels (all 4 of them!) would damage it.

Right up to the day he died I could never convince him that we weren't paying for an incoming phone call on the landline. Whenever I rang him he couldn't get off the phone fast enough.

I was with with him once (2004ish), I looked at my mobile and said 'hmm, missed a call'. 'Who is Mr Cole?' he asked.


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I know where you're coming from


Sometimes I'd like to reach for my phone and just text my gran that her great granddaughter has insisted on wearing her 'gran cardi' today. It's not worth making a phone call over, and I wouldn't get a word in edgeways with a two year old hogging the conversation... to somebody who is losing their hearing? Recipe for aggravation that *sigh*

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