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Should I be worried? (Cat eye question)

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Cat went out a bit earlier and while I was upstairs, could hear some fighting coming from our yard... Ran downstairs to scare off whoever was messing with my cat, but couldnt see anything. Left the door open so she could just come back in as she pleases and she has come home.


When she first walked in, looked fine but now her left eye wont open properly. I saw a bit of blood, so used some cotton wool to clear it away, but she still seems to have difficulty with keeping the eye open fully. Ive taken a look at it, when open, and it appears to be fine.


Should I be worried about this or should I try to contact a local vet to have a better look?


I know ask I ask a lot of possibly obvious questions, so I apologise, I just worry and I dont want her to be in pain or stress.

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Sorry, but I foresee a vet appointment in your near future.


If there's a chance that she's got a scratch on her cornea then you need to get that properly checked out because corneas take a ridiculously long time to heal and you will have to have antibiotic cover for the whole time that it's healing or she could end up with really bad things happening with her eye.


With a bit of luck it will be the conjunctiva or the inside of the eyelid that has been caught, and both of those will also result in her not opening her eye properly at the moment too (and both will just take a few days of drops to sort them out) but the major risk here is corneal abrasion and ulceration, and you really need to rule them out as soon as you can.

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Went to the vet and everything was a-ok! Vet reckoned why she was having trouble with her eye was because it was sore and not damaged (he did put some dye on her eyes just to double check)

As it was my first visit, it didnt even cost me anything. Lovely.

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good to hear - we had a similar incident with one of our dogs recently, and again all was ok after the cornea check.


You mentioned you tried cleaning with cotton wool - I was always led to believe this can do more harm than good because of the micro-fibres that can get into the eye... does anyone have any thoughts on this at all?

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I find that the cotton wool pads that are made for makeup removal and the like leave far fewer fibres behind when you use them, but I'm more inclined to use muslin cloths which can be washed and reused anyway, and they result in even fewer fibres being left behind and in less waste that ends up in landfill.


I have loads of soft muslin cloths to use for makeup removal and the like, so I've always got some to hand in the bathroom.

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