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Fitting a cat flap in a composite door

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I've just bought a cat flap and thought it would be a fairly straight forward job to fit it as just assumed my front door was made of wood. However, now I've had a proper look at it and researched a bit online I'm pretty sure it's composite. Does this make it more difficult or is it just the same procedure? Only thing I'm slightly concerned about is the door isn't flat, it's panelled so will probably have to fit to one side and fill in a few gaps with silicon. Also I've had a look round the estate and despite there being loads of cats, I can't see one house with the same style of door as mine with a cat flap in which concerns me a bit!


I will probably have a go myself but don't suppose anyone knows of someone who could fit this as I am a bit useless at DIY. I live out in Thurcroft so any recommendations for a joiner/builder/handyman would be great.

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Measure the hole. Cut it out. Glue the cat flap in place. Silicone on top to get a nice white finish IF you have a white door. Job done.


Cost: Time.


Professional Cat Flap Fitter ............ try Yellow Pages. But make sure they have their CSC, EURs, BESC, RFFCF, and are time served.


Top Tip: Anyone not covered in fur or sneezing - beware.

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I've recently had a cat flap fitted to a patio door at the rear of my house. I didn't think they could do it but they can by replacing the whole glass panel with a custom made one. The door panel was misted so it needed replacing anyway so having a hole cut in the glass was the only extra.

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