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Pre- 1960 cars no MOT.

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that's fine... so long as they only use them on private land


mind you, a car can fail at any point in its lifetime, so maybe ALL MOTs should be replaced by frequent ad hoc inspections, and your car had better damned well pass

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Personally I'm against it I will still take my old cars for MOT I have rebuilt them and Know every nut and bolt on them but there is always something that you could miss,a second opinion is always best,there will be some prat who will take something on the road and course an accident and it will put the car-bosh on all of us classic car owners,I just can not see the insurance company's wanting to insure them or the cost of insurance will go up a lot on our old cars,I can see some of them saying no MOT no insurance bad idea I think.

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Brilliant idea, I'm forever driving past 52 year old cars on my routes frequently through Sheffield and further.

You will be surprised how many classic cars there are in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

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