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Vintage 8 track player in my 1977 Fiesta

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The original 8 track player in my 77 Fiesta needs refitting, I have 4 wires to connect up but no plug on the wires, and only a socket on the rear of the 8 track with 4 holes, like the old DIN type sockets but a bit different, the holes are diamond shaped in the pattern of 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, but the 12 position one is further from the lower 3, if u see what I mean.


Any ideas of the layout of the wiring for the socket? Which holes relate to which wires? I guess one is for the LIVE feed, the other 3 for left, right and shared speakers, as there is a separate terminal for earth on the other side.


Not a clue how to connect it up and dont wanna blow any fuses if I get it wrong. 8 track has no brand name, just a standard 70's car player type, so I guess the 4 hole socket on the back was standard?

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I know the plug socket your on about but cant remember that far back lol.

If it was me i would be removing 8 track case and have a look inside and follow the wiring back from socket to see were they go.

At a guess i would say no.12 would be power but dont hold me to that one.BOOM at your own risk.MAKE SURE ITS FUSED IF YOU RISK IT.

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red= ignition live

black= -ve(earth)

green + grey speakers one left one right,2nd wore from each speaker to be connected to the -ve

Blue= electric aerial supply-when sets turned on it activaes voltage to the electric aerial relay


source is my 22+ years as an auto electrician

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Assume you looked inside then sounds like its no 6 then.Just make sure you,r live in is fused.


It's possibly worth making sure your earth cable is fused as well in case you ever get a dodgy engine earth. I've seen all sorts of cables get melted in the past due to poor earths on high current stuff.

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