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Unopened bottles of eye drops & eye-ointment


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i have some unopened bottles of

7 x 10ml hypromellose eye drops



& 5 x 5g unopened tubes of lacri-lube



they are for dry eyes witch i suffer terribly with but have got these spare

i have got some that i'm giving someone else but these are what have

left over they are still in date & would be ideal for any rescue that may

need them i offered them to the pdsa but they can't accept them witch is a

shame as they could help the out let me know if any one is wanting them

i can split the if you want they are not all in their boxes as they got damaged

but they are great otherwise & unused :);)

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I'll have to check if its safe but if it is I'd love a botte or two


are you using them for dry eyes ? if so

there not at all dangerous all the drops are is false tears

& the lacri lube is the same but just in an ointment that's

thicker i have this for night time with out these i felt like

i had got sand in my eyes so they do help so much

if you send me your address i will send you some :)

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