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Overheating buses..

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Just read this on twitter...


20 First buses out of action in Sheffield due to overheating affecting nearly every route. Trying to ensure each route has at least one bus




Because when First took over from Mainline they made half the engineering team redundant. Consequently the buses are no longer maintained enough to operate properly (they're just patched up enough to make them legal)

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I really don't understand why the buses have heating on all year round. Last summer was horrible, and I burnt my leg too! Any idea why they don't switch it off?


Bus heating is supplied by hot engine coolant. Leaving the heating on during summer provides the bus with an extra avenue of cooling for the coolant before it returns back to the engine, where it'd be heated back up again.


Given the state of the buses, turning off the heating would lead to more buses overheating.

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I remember the good old days when the buses ran on time, were reasonable clean but very very cheap to use.

They could also run in warm weather without overheating.


Was that when they were still drawn by horses?

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