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Ageing metalhead seeks drummer


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Hi. We're looking for a drummer for a metal / hard rock band. So far we've lead guitar, rhythm & vox and a bass player.


We're all late 30's / early 40's but we're a broadminded bunch and don't mind what age you are: As long as you can hold a beat I'm sure you'll fit in.


At the moment we're rehearsing covers in Practice Sheffield on a Monday night 8 'til 10 just to get us all playing in time together. Set list so far is a mixture of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica.


We're looking to start writing our own stuff in the next few weeks and as all three of us write in one capacity or another we shouldn't be short of ideas. Also a fourth writer would be good.


We'd be looking to do some open mic slots & maybe some gigs once we've got ourselves a bit more sorted out.


PM me if you're interested.

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are you still looking for a drummer? have not played in a few years so rusty but willing to give it a go have played in gigging bands in the distant past still got my drum kit its a bit dusty ha ha cant pm you as this is my 1st post and im most definatly ageing ha ha into metal rock punk blues

hope to hear back from you mick

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