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What's your guilty childhood secret..

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I remember when I was about 9/10 being sent to stand outside the class room, probably for talking.

This particular class room was in the dinning hall and kitchen building which stood separate from the School.

The kitchens ran along side the dinning hall behind shutters, and I was sent into a small area just outside the two half glass double doors into the dinning hall/class room and a door leading into the kitchens.

As I stood out there beside me was a full open tub of cooking apples soaking in water, all shiny and clean and looking absolutely delicious.

I'm ashamed to say I gave into temptation and surreptitiously took and ate one..

I also have to admit I have never before or since had an apple that tasted so good, including the core.

Eventually I was called back into the class room and asked if I had learnt my lesson, I said I had of course, but now I can't for life of me remember what the lesson was, though I have never forgotten that apple...:blush:

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